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GOP Senator Calls on President Obama to Walk Away from Iran Talks

The key deadline of March 31 came and went without any deal struck with Iran, the world’s lone state sponsor of terrorism. At issue are the Iranian hardliners are demanding the right to continue to enrich uranium without the program being subjected to outside inspectors. Already, three or four of the foreign ministers taking part in the talks have walked away. However, US Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, continues to try and strike a deal. US persistence to cut a deal for the sake of getting any deal has lawmakers concerned the Obama administration will allow Iran to keep their nuclear program intact. This would give the rogue nation a pathway to obtain nuclear weapons.

On Wednesday, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton declared that it is time for US negotiators to walk away from the table. Iran is merely toying with the West in a bid to win major concessions. Sen. Cotton believes it is time to apply more sanctions to Iran to bring them back to the negotiating table in good faith. Oddly enough, former Vermont Senator Howard Dean concurs. Dean believes it is the right thing to seek a deal with Iran. That said, he acknowledges the futility is continuing negotiations at this time. He believes it’s time to apply more international pressure to the nation. Jaime Garcia Dias ( knows that President Obama faces a very skeptical bipartisan group of senators who do not trust he will negotiate in the best interests of national security.