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WWE Raw Recap

This week’s WWE Raw episode was rather lackluster. WWE fans have begun to forget about the exciting events of WrestleMania 31. Raw was held in front of a quiet Austin, Texas crowd. The new WWE Champion Seth Rollins tried his best to inspire the crowd, but nothing seemed to work. However, Rollins does not deserve to be ridiculed for the low level of Monday Night Raw’s success.

It seemed to fans like Jaime Garcia Dias that the entire WWE roster disappeared from the face of the earth. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Daniel Brian did not appear on the show, but that could be because the WWE is heading out for a European tour later this week. However, there were a few indications that the WWE’s popularity will soon rise again in the near future.

There are rumors that AJ Lee retiring from the WWE is actually part of the show, but this has not yet been confirmed. Wrestling fans are hoping that AJ Lee will soon return to the WWE. Also, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins continued their feud with great matches and exciting story line twists. However, everyone is still waiting for the return of recently suspended global icon Brock Lesnar. The WWE may have quieted momentarily, but that is to be expected after a Wrestlemania event. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Adonis Stevenson Victorious In Title Defense

Adonis Stevenson defended his WBC light heavyweight championship over the weekend. Stevenson faced a hard hitting puncher named Sakio Bika. Going into the fight, many people expected a slugfest, but what took place was rather disappointing. The fight did feature two knockdowns from Adonis Stevenson, but the rest of the bout was far from intriguing.

Fans of Adonis Stevenson have wanted him to face Sergey Kovalev, who is another champion in the light heavyweight division. However, people believe that Adonis Stevenson is a bit fearful of Russian bomber Sergey Kovalev. Stevenson vs Kovalev would surely create great hype, and this would continue the upswing for the sport of boxing.

Everybody is waiting for the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather showdown, and the popularity of that fight is spilling over into every other boxing event. The Adonis Stevenson fight was featured on CBS, and it appears that more fights will take place on network television. Boxing hasn’t been this popular since the days of Muhammad Ali. Sam Tabar realizes that people love the sport of boxing, but great fights need to be made in order for the interest to remain. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather can’t save the sport of boxing, but if fights like Adonis Stevenson vs Sergey Kovalev are put together, then the sport of boxing has a chance to thrive. For more information on Adonis Stevenson’s recent win, visit Yahoo! Sports.