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The Great Insights of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a leader, committed philanthropist and a successful Israeli-American real estate investor. He is also the founder and owner of HagerPacific firm and besides investment; he has also composed many publications. Adam Milstein recently wrote about the various challenges that the people of Israel and Jewish American face. In his article, Adam insists that the people of the races must choose and rely on good leaders who are capable of bringing change to such issues. Besides, Adam Milstein believes that the people of Israel and the Jewish Americans will make it through the challenges by giving support to their preferred leaders as well as working together with them to ensure that they also make a better future for the next generation.

Additionally, Adam encourage the Jewish people to believe in themselves and accept who they are, as it is one of the ways through which they can create peace among themselves. He believes that the people of Israel will also create a good impression to other people from various nations about themselves and as a result, gain respect and support from them. Adam also encourages the Israelite leaders to serve as an example to their people as they are the light of the nation.

Besides, Adam Milstein is hopeful that the Israelites and the Jewish people will live in unity as long as they exercise passion in whatever they do as well as focus on creating a conducive environment for a better living. He also encourages them to learn from their former leaders like Mordechai  Anielewicz, who lived and served as an example to everyone, with an aim of bringing peace and success to the nation.

He has also strived to bring his people together through the various nonprofit foundations he has launched like the Birthright. His organization has attracted a vast number of the Jewish people, who have gained insight from the philanthropist. Through the foundation, they have learned to appreciate who they are and teach their children the importance of working hard so as to fuel development in the country. Through his humble background, Milstein has also served as a role model to many people and he is admired by many individuals, especially those from the Jewish community.

Michel Terpins, a Zealous Rally Driver in Brazil

Most people are often passionate about sports. Be it soccer, swimming or car rallies; sports comes with some degree of joy especially if one is a sports fanatic. Just like other nations, Brazil holds numerous rallying competitions, and one of the famous rally drivers in Brazil is Michel Terpin. Aged 40, Michel Terpins is a skilled and accomplished Brazilian rally driver who comes from Sao Paulo.

He was born in a family of sports enthusiasts. That ignited his passion for rally driving at a tender age. Michel’s father, Jack Terpins was a successful basketball player while his brother, Rodrigo Terpins is a fellow rally driver. The drive to maintain his family’s excellence in the world of sports ignited his spirit to work hard. He currently races for the Bull Sertoes rally team. Meanwhile, Michel Terpins in liaison with his co-driver is preparing for this year’s Sertoes rally edition. Michel Terpins began with motorcycle racing back in 2002 before switching to car rallies. He has over a decade of experience in car rallies after navigating to automobiles.

Michel Terpins has often teamed up with his brother Rodrigo Terpins during major competitions. In fact, Sertoes Rally team comprises of Michel and Rodrigo Terpins. The Terpins have been racing using T-Rex, an automobile created by MEM motorsports. The duo has participated numerous rally competitions including the off-road rally championship, Mitsubishi cup, and Sertoes rally. The year 2017 is Michel Terpins’ most remarkable year as a rally driver. It will be his 10th participation as a racer in the Sertoes rally. It is also Michel Terpins and his navigator Justo second consecutive year on board T-Rex in the T1 category. Above all, Michel and Justo are currently leading in the Sertoes rally championship.

Hard work and determination ignites Michel Terpins spirit to perform excellently. It takes confidence and two-plus courage to achieve what Michel has achieved as a rally driver. Michel Terpins is pride of Brazil when it comes to rally driving. Over the past four years, Michel Terpins has grown to become one of the most reputable rally drivers in Brazil.

How The Greyhound Diaries Is Helping To Show The Hidden Side Of America

The Greyhound Diaries is a project that was started by singer and songwriter Doug Levitt. It has involved Levitt traveling the nation for more than a decade in Greyhound buses documenting the lives of the less fortunate. He documents this through pictures, stories, and through the many songs that he has written. Levitt modeled the project after the WPA initiatives that were conducted earlier in the 20th century to give a better picture of the nation. The images and content can be found on the project’s website and are available for all to see.


Levitt has performed parts of the Greyhound Diaries at some locations such as the Walter Reed Military Hospital, the Kennedy Center, and various homeless shelters around the nation. His work has been covered by numerous publications and media outlets including Fox News, Reuters, CNN, the Huffington Post, and MSNBC.


Levitt attended Woodrow Wilson High School before joining Cornell University where he was once a student of Carl Sagan, the famous astrophysicist. Levitt then studied at the London School of Economics on a Fulbright Scholarship and graduated with a Master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism. He started his career as a foreign correspondent based in London for various media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and ABC. His work led him to cover countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iran.


It is during the time when he was in London that he decided to become a singer and a songwriter. He moved back to the US and started a working relationship with David Henry who is a recognized music producer. The poverty numbers in the U.S surprised him upon returning to the country. He wondered what he could do to shed light on the problem. This is what led him to start the Greyhound Diaries project.


Levitt has a memoir coming out soon in which he talks about his life and the experience he has gotten from the Greyhound Diaries project. He is credited for conducting voter registration and a tour that mobilized people to go and vote during the last election. The exercise was carried out in particular areas in more than ten states.