Using Technology in Healthcare

Clay Siegall is a great example of how to change an entire industry. As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, he has done a lot of great work in the medical field. He is passionate about the value that his company can provide to other people.

There are many people who want to improve their health as much as possible through technology. This is the primary area that Clay Siegall likes to concentrate on. With all of the changes taking place in the industry, now is a great time to invest in this area.

Early Career

Clay Siegall has lived a life of great success in the medical field. He has a great education, and this allowed him to land a great job right out of school. Instead of getting complacent, he continued to study and research medical issues as much as possible.

When he became CEO of Seattle Genetics, he knew that he had found his home. He is passionate about all of the value that the company provides to others. Over the years, the company has helped thousands of people take their health to a new level. Clay Siegall is a great example of how much passion can drive a person to work hard.

Thoughts on Medicine

Clay Siegall publishes a lot of his own thoughts on the medical industry. He wants to change the medical industry in several ways. First of all, he believes that medical care is too expensive for the average person to afford. This is a major issue that he wants to see corrected through different legislation. In addition, he is a strong proponent of preventative medicine and care.


How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Established a Successful Online Wear Retail Store

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur with more than twenty years’ experience in the business field. His career journey began at a young age of thirteen years when he formed an online bulletin board that he later established to a gaming website. Don Ressler is one of the pioneers of e-commerce. He has a history of successful businesses such as the sale of that he founded. He helped Intermix improve its shareholder value and led the company to sell its shares to News Corp. These two entrepreneurs are the co-founders of TechStyle.


JustFab was founded on 1st February 2010. It is a monthly membership program that gives fashion lovers a chance to access the trending and hottest celebrity styles for handbags and shoes. Celebrity stylists review every individual’s style then looks at various style recommendations depending on the person’s fashion preference and personal style.


TechStyle might have been founded at the South Bay accidentally but the company chose to work from the location by choice. When the idea of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg grew into a successful business venture, they had to move into a conference room and the first place that came to their mind was El Segundo. It made a perfect home for the business because of its location which is close to an international airport and a beach. TechStyle now has more than 128,000 square feet to itself and is looking forward to steady growth in the city.


TechStyle Fashion Group was previously known as JustFab. It is an online fashion retailer that deals in jewelry, shoes, handbags, and denim. It provides the clients with an experience of personalized shopping based on their preferences. It is the parent company of five online subscription retails namely Fabletics, FabKids, JustFab, and ShoeDazzle. Techstyle was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2010. It operated under the name JustFab and received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners in 2011 and an additional $76 million in 2012.


Techstyle acquired FabKids in the beginning of 2013. A number of celebrities have released collections via the TechStyle sub brand. Some of these celebrities are Blair Fowler and Avril Lavigne. Techstyle has expanded internationally into the France and Spain market upon acquiring Fab Shoes and later on ShoeDazzle both in 2013. Fabletics, which is one of Techstyle’s fastest growing labels, was founded in July 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. It is an online retailer of athletics wear.

Don Ressler Soars Intelligent Beauty Business

Don Ressler has succeeded in business and has opened and started many businesses. Among the successful openings include the Intelligent Beauty and its entire subsidiary. The first of his start-ups that he began in the year the Intermix Media later purchased 2001. Don Ressler then joined with COO of Intermix Adam Goldenberg and together formed the Alena Media. Hundreds of millions in revenue was generated by the performance and e-commerce section. Intermix who had this as the profit center. Afterwards, Intermix was swallowed by the News Corps in 2005. However, the e-commerce business was frustrated and ignored by the media conglomerate. They could not bound the Intermix with the company, and this was so frustrating to Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg as they could not stand to watch the business that they had so successfully formed destroyed.


Don Ressler joined hands with Adam Goldenberg and went on looking for new opportunities. They together decided to come up with a brand building business that would operate autonomously. Don and his partner Goldenberg had enough skill and experience to open and run an online advertising business. Don Ressler and Goldenberg gathered a team from Alena in Goldenberg’s living room to brainstorm over this issue. In two weeks after this time, they had opened Brand Ideas that later came to be Intelligent Beauty.The first creation by the company was the DERMSTORE. It is an online e-commerce that provides skin care and cosmetics. Later on, SENSA, the weight loss system was opened after two years. Through this, Dr. Alan Hirsch for the product section, and Brett Brewer, Intermix founder as the CEO. The two branches of the Intelligent Beauty, DERMSTORE, and SENSA are very profitable though the company never releases the financial report.


Intelligent Beauty had opened the new branch retailer called JustFab in the year. JustFab received most of his funding from Matrix Partner. By September the same year, the branch had accumulated around 4 million. Kimora Lee Simmions came in as the creative director. The company struck six million dollars and the co-founders another round of $76. These were from four companies Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Cross Ventures and the parent company itself. JustFab, after operating for two years and making a lot of profit, it started seeking to expand its wings in the market. JustFab took the children fashion subscription having learned that many of its services were for parents. Again it later purchased the European e-commerce site Fabshoe among other many branches.

White Shark Media Receives a Lot of Positive Reviews

White Shark Media has grown to become one of the best digital marketing firms which are aimed at helping small businesses grow their presence online. The company is a major provider of SEO services, Adwords, and more so web services to both small and medium sized businesses. The company was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs and ever since it has been regarded as the fastest growing online marketing firm in parts of North America. White Shark Media is headquartered in 2 South Biscayne Boulevard, Florida.

From inception, the firm aimed to serve the small business in the US and Latin America through offering distinguishable products and services. The firm’s success in this area can be attributed to its unique combination of talented and diverse employees as well as its domestic and offshore presence. In this regard, their clients have greatly benefited from their state-of –the art and market tested concepts. This has also made the company receive a lot of positive reviews from most of the clients whom they have dealt with. Here we are going to highlight some of the reviews.

In a review from one firm in the education sector, based in Ohio, they say that they have been working closely with White Shark Media and they have been pleased with the steady improvements their campaigns have attained in expanding their reach and conversions while at the same time lowering their operational costs. They go on to say that the success of their relationship with White Shark Media is based upon the efficient two-way communication.

From a software company, they also had a lot to say about White Shark Media. They assert that if you are a business person who uses Google Adwords, they can only recommend White Shark Media and candidly advises people to request for White Shark Media’s Ana Stephenson to manage your account.

In another review from a jewelry store based in New Jersey, the business owner says that he has been working with White Shark Media’s Jake and Ricardo for almost a year and has found them to be responsive and highly knowledgeable people in what they do. He goes on to say that he shall be using the services of White Shark Media in order to advance his business even more.

From the transport sector, this is what they had to say “ from the beginning White Shark Media was straight forward, and over the period we have worked with them, our campaigns have seen significant progress.” They go on to recommend White Shark Media to anyone who looks forward to advertising their services and products.

These reviews and much more can be an attestation that White Shark Media is a leader in digital marketing. The company was awarded the prestigious Google Adwords Partnership in 2014.


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How End Citizens United Is Fighting Back For American Rights

The political action committee End Citizens United has been put into the unique position of being able to bring about fundamental change to Washington D.C. — so long as enough grassroot support can be found over the next year. End Citizens United is a PAC that was founded in order to fight the problem of dark money in the world of politics. Dark money, special interests, and corporate lobbyists have become a poison within the United States government and the problem can be linked directly back to the work of James Bopp and his conservative group, Citizens United. We’ll get into that later but let’s first look at the work that End Citizens United is doing in the age of President Trump.

End Citizens United refers to the Supreme Court case from 2010 which featured lawyer James Bopp and his conservative group, Citizens United. The case decision essentially opened the doors for corporations to co-opt the political world and do with it what they please. This court case links directly to the problem of ‘legal’ political bribery. End Citizens United is a PAC that represents the average and every day American voter who can’t spend millions of dollars to sway legislators. The common people need a PAC like End Citizens United in order to fight for their needs — and that is exactly what they’ve been doing for the past year.

End Citizens United gained serious momentum in the wake of the election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the world. Many formerly apathetic voting-aged American citizens suddenly realized just what was at stake every single election. Donald Trump’s ascension to becoming the face of America’s right wing was equal parts terrifying and enlightening. It proved once and for all that the will of the people were being surpassed by the will of the paycheck.

So, knowing that American voters are looking for a way to get back at President Trump’s disastrous and potentially dangerous regime, there was an opening to be seized by End Citizens United. The PAC is led by current PAC President Tiffany Muller. They immediately went to work fundraising in order to try and get enough support for the politicians that they endorsed. End Citizens United knows that in order to bring change to Washington D.C. they need to be active endorsing candidates who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United ended up bringing in nearly 100,000 donations through just the first quarter of 2017. With Trump in office moderates and liberals were banding together to try and make their voices heard. This led to nearly $4 million in donations in just the first three months of the year. End Citizens United is focused on earning at least $35 million in 2017.

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David Mcdonald Is A Great Man

David mcDonald is a great man who has worked very hard to get to where is he is today. David mcDonald plans on making as much money as possible while still helping people along the way. He is a very happy man and enjoys helping others. He is very talented and enjoys what he does. He doesnt let anything get int the way of his duties and will stop at nothing to help achieve the greater good. He is a good man with a lot passion in what he does and wants to keep doing what hes doing.

He does his best at his profession and loves to see people be happy. He is very interested in social computing and does a lot of hard work in this area and field. He is also interested in human computer interaction and does a lot hard work in this area. He is very interested in the way humans react and act with technology. There lies his passion is with the technology and the way it relates to humans usage. He has done a lot of research in this area and continues to do so. He was able to earn his phd at the university of california and a lot of hard work and effort went into this. He used his experience and ways of working with people and tech to earn this phd. He worked very hard to earn it and does his best everyday to keeep up with the way technology changing for the better.

He very much enjoys what he does and does alot of research on things that people might not regularlt do research on. he watches how humans interact with machines and specifically behavioural changes as well that constitutes with technology. He is a very gifted man with a lot of talents that relate to the way technology serves humanity. He enjoys what he does and like Baho food very much. He does his very best to keep technology innovative with the way the world is changing today. He does his very best to keep things updated and advanced.

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Equities First Holdings, efficient alternative lending solutions.

Equities First Holding LLC specializes in efficient securities based lending services for businesses and high net-worth individuals. EFH provide loans based on the evaluation of the risk and future performance intrinsic in stocks, bonds, and treasuries. Their approach to funding provides their clients with a lower cost of capital and superior financing terms than more conventional financing alternatives. Banks have reduced lending options for borrowers, stiffened loan qualifications and heightened interest rates.

Al Christy, Jr., Founder, and CEO of Equities First Holdings believes this kind of stock-based lending as a viable and innovative borrowing alternative for individuals pursuing venture capital. He is quoted of saying “During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market. Most stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature that allows a borrower to walk away from a stock from a stock loan at any point, even if the stock’s value depreciates. The borrower is able to keep the initial loan proceeds with no further obligation to the lender.”

Margin loans and stock-based loans are often considered to be synonymous. Both forms of financing use securities for collateral, but there are specific differences.

Often with margin loans, the borrower must qualify before hand, as with a traditional bank loan, and may be required to use the money for specific purposes. Usually, interest rates fluctuate and the borrower can assume a loan-to-value ratio of about 10 to 50 percent. Lending firms may also liquidate the borrower’s collateral without notice.

As for Stock-based loans, borrowers can anticipate fixed interest rates and a loan-to-value ratio of 50 to 75 percent. There are no restrictions on the loan like with margin loans. The borrower can spend the money on whatever they deem necessary.

This commitment to their clients puts EFH at the top of the list for potential financing options. Since 2002 they stand committed to providing a custom and honest transaction allowing the client to run operations on a deal by deal basis, with low risk and flexible qualifying criteria they have proven to be the standard for businesses and individuals alike.,34.htm for more.

Sawyer Howitt’s Advice On Successful Entrepreneurship

Millennials are often subjected to stereotypes in their places of work. They are viewed as unprofessional and lazy. Others hold on to the belief that successful entrepreneurs can only develop through experience which of course comes with age. However, this is not always the truth; some Millennials might even possess better business skills than the older generation. Today, young people are venturing into entrepreneurship and achieving higher profits more than the baby boomers.

One successful young entrepreneur is Sawyer Howitt. He joined the corporate world when in his final year in high school. He became the project manager at Meriwether Group in Portland. His innovative mindset and ceaseless energy helped him a lot in his career. Other skills that Howitt possess include brand management, photography, customer services and financial services.

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Here are tips young entrepreneurs can use to deal with ageism at work places.

Be True
Young people should enter the business world with an open mind and ready to learn. Pretense only sets one for failure. Say when you don’t know something as it will offer a learning platform.

Show your value
Your young age, little experience, and career history may cause employers to overlook your accomplishments. However, through competent and diligent working, you can prove your value.

Use your age for your benefit
Your young age can be an asset in matters such as proficiency with technology and energy to work late. Use these advantages to show that you are a benefit to the business.

Market your accomplishments
Don’t be shy about your achievements, instead make the right people aware of it. This would set you up for promotions and career growth.

Never give up
Continue to prove your usefulness even when you get snubbed because of age. Add value to the business and results will speak for themselves.

Sawyer Howitt has also previously worked with RFID Checkout as a business strategy analyst. Before joining RFID technology, he worked at KURE Juice Bar as a Customer Service provider. He studies Entrepreneurial finance at Columbia University. Howitt has keen interests in assisting young entrepreneurs, and their businesses grow. He has already guided several charitable organization into success.

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Felipe Montoro Jens, a Perfect Example of Leadership

The government had announced it would be making concessions by partnering with BNDES. Edison Carlos, who is the president of Trata Brasil, an institution focusing on basic sanitation, was interviewed recently and pointed out several important facts about the initiative. Carlos believes the services rendered would experience improvements in the resource, structure, and management sectors.


The decrease in the waste levels was another particular raised by the interviewee, Felipe Montoro Jens, specialized in infrastructure projects. Carlos stated that the Brazilian basic sanitation had 90 percent presented by public power, out of these, state organizations serves nearly 70 percent of the users. For him, the private initiative presence isn’t a reason to exclude the public because the management’s two forms could be working great if they acted in a complementary manner.


Also, Trata Brasil Institute president stated that government bodies had great, valuable experience that could be acquired through partnering with other companies. Edson explained that BNDES is going to develop action plans that are customized for the states that it is serving, based on surveys describing the condition of these areas. With that, the bank could adjust the project according to the requirements of each region.


Felipe Montoro Jens serves Energipar Captacao SA as the chief executive officer. He served Santo Antonio Energia S.A. and Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A., both as a Director. He also served as Braskem S.A. Director from April 30, 2010, up to Aug. 27, 2013. He serves Maranon Energia SA, H2olmos, and Peru Inversiones En Infraestructura S.A. as a principal.


He serves Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios as a Chairman. He’s on the B of D at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo and San Antonio Energia SA. He attended the Getulio Vargas Foundation, where he earned his undergraduate degree. He also studied at Thunderbird and received d a graduate degree.

Enviable Fashion Designs From Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Everyone knows that feeling when they see that outfit that they love so much that it brings forth certain feelings like envy. Often times, they envy the person that is wearing the outfit. One of the reasons they may envy the outfit is that they may assume that it costs a fortune in order to buy the product. However, people who are more savvy when it comes to fashion know of ways in which they can save money. There are many stores that offer some of the trendy items at a lower price. However, this puts into question the quality of the item and the methods of them being put together.



Fortunately, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg has set up a company that offers something for everyone so that they don’t have to feel envious about others that are more fashionable than they are. For one thing, these items are designed with a lot of thought and creativity. This is one of the reasons that the company is gaining a lot of momentum in the fashion industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg look at the industry and even think about the designs according to what is missing in the industry. However, they do not try to be outlandish just to be different. They think about the practicality behind the designs.


One good thing about Don Ressler’s TechStyle group is that they are thinking about all kinds of people. For instance, they are making sure that every group is able to enjoy the fashion designs that come forth from the company. People who are larger than average are able to enjoy some high fashion products. They do not have to settle for bland items just because they happen to be bigger than the size range of most companies.


TechStyle is doing a lot to lower the occurrence of envy in people. People are given the chance to find outfits that will not only make them look good, but also enhance their self image. It is surprising the effect that clothes have on people. Wearing an outfit one likes is very likely to increase one’s sense of self worth.

A Rocky Mountain Man With a Brain