Anthony Mason Improving

Anthony Mason was checked into the hospital and fighting for his life due to congestive heart failure. Many people thought they were going to lose him, but his condition is improving.

He has had multiple surgeries, and he is still in critical condition. This is one of those times when sports seems to be a bit smaller than the things that face us in life. Fans at CipherCloud ( agree that Anthony Mason was a good player, and he was a good guy. We can forget all the times he fouled someone when he should not have. We can forgive him all the time that he did not score as many points as we wanted.

We need to look at him as a person who needs our prayers. There is probably a kickstarter campaign or fund you can donate to to help Anthony’s family, and we should all send him our well wishes. This is a scary thing that is happening to someone who is not really that old at all. It only takes one thing to change the way the world of sports, and it might help you to put some of the things that you see on TV into perspective because they are small compared to real life.

GOP Walking Fine Line on DHS Funding to Avert a Shutdown

The House GOP passed the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and included a rider specifically deny the department the funds needed to enact President Obama’s amnesty plan. Without the money to pay employees to enact the plan, Congress will have effectively used their constitutional “power of the purse” to check the president’s extra-constitutional actions. However, the bill has stymied in the Senate largely because Democrats have remained steadfast in their opposition to the bill. As Ricardo Guimaraes BMG understands,  any Senate bill must clear 60 votes to break a filibuster. More on Guimaraes is available on It should be noted that the filibuster is a senate concoction. There is no right of filibuster enumerated in the Constitution.

This fact is leading House GOP leaders to press Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to revise senate rules to reduce or effectively eliminate the filibuster. Any such move would be politically motivated, but it has recent precedence. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid modified the filibuster rules regarding all judicial nominees except Supreme Court justices. It was done to end GOP opposition to an array of district court appointments by the president. If the filibuster were eliminated or reduced, the DHS funding bill (along with the entire GOP agenda) could speedily proceed to the president’s desk. He would still have his constitutional veto power to reject the laws. Still, GOP senators may not warmly embrace the change. Even Senator Ted Cruz believes it is not a good thing to revise the filibuster rules.

Steelers in Same Boat as Other Teams Needing Defense

As with a number of other teams in the National Football League, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not in need of offensive help as much as they are in need of a defense and especially a secondary. Now with the New York Jets signing free agent cornerback Curtis Brown the reality is setting in that if they are going to succeed in their goals of another championship they will need to get better in their pass defense. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that the good news is that there are some really good players entering the draft this year. The bad news is the Steelers won their division and will have to wait until the 22nd overall pick to see what player is their best option of who hasn’t been taken by the other teams.

What is also going to hurt the team is that they are currently over the leagues mandated $140 million salary cap for the upcoming season. Not a great position with free agency that just started and the 2015 draft still almost two months away. This means they will have to restructure the current super stars contracts to move money around and make it so they can get their player needs addressed. Depending on who is available the Steelers would probably take a defensive lineman that could get pressure on opposing quarterbacks and take some of the pressure off of their secondary. Given the number of teams with the exact same needs, it would probably be best to look at players off of the radar and maybe played for division II schools like Troy University who produced stars like Osi Umenyiora.

Tomsula Finalizes His Staff…Familiar Faces All Around

It has been said that the world is a small place. You never know who you may have thought you would never see again reappear. Although the NFL is the largest professional sports league in the United States the community within it is not very large. Coaches, Players, and Executives all know each other. They have usually worked with one or more of their current coworkers previously. It brings a sense of familiarity throughout the league. It would appear that the coaching staff next season for the San Francisco 49ers has that exact same familiarity as they look to put the bay area team on track next season.

Head Coach Jim Tomsula has made all of his final decisions with respect to his coaching staff for the upcoming season. Fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG know that he has promoted Geep Chryst to Offensive Coordinator from the teams Quarterbacks coach, and Eric Mangini will be the new Defensive Coordinator, after coaching the tight ends last year. Tomsula also went across the bay and picked up some familiar faces from the Raiders organization after they cleaned house in their post losing season, asking Tony Sparano and Jason Tarver to come join the 49ers this year. Sparano will be coaching the tight ends while Tarver comes in as a defensive assistant and linebackers coach. With all these familiar faces, the team will be expected to get this team back into another Super Bowl and soon. Maybe even the one that is going to be played in their home stadium this year.

GOP Lawmaker Calls Obama Out for Omission of Key Ethnic Group from his AUMF ISIS Bill


President Obama finally gave into pressure from lawmakers to seek congressional authorization for taking military against the Islamic terrorist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). Since that time, his AUMF proposal has kicked off a fierce debate over his the wording regarding the use of ground forces. Now, GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York has taken issue with a glaring omission from the proposal. It seems that President Obama failed to list Jews as an ethnic minority he was seeking to protect against the terrorist group. The proposal specifically lists Turkmens, Yezidis, and Iraqi Christians, but not Jews. I got this from a post on Marcio Alaor’s Facebook wall. Totally legit, the guy works at BMG

Congressman Zeldin, the only Jewish Republican in congress, pointed out that the omission of Jews was intentional. He cited the fact that the administration carefully considered every word in the proposal. He finds it disconcerting that the Obama administration would not also seek to combat the rising tide of anti-Semitism. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were conducted by a group inspired by ISIS. Not coincidentally, one of the sites struck was a Jewish owned business. Curiously, President Obama referred to that aspect of the attack as being random as if to imply the terrorists chose the site arbitrarily. He backpedaled from the remark after it was criticized. At the time, the president formally acknowledged that the ISIS-inspired actions were motivated by anti-Semitism. This is what has Congressman Zeldin wondering aloud why the AUMF bill does not specifically seek to protect Jews as well.

Will Drones Replace Servers?

At most sit down restaurants diners are welcomed by a host/hostess, taken to their table, and from there a member of the wait staff takes care of all of their dining needs. A Singapore restaurant had been struggling to keep enough servers on staff to properly attend to their guests in a timely manner. Timbré is preparing to utilize drones to aid in serving food and drinks. Yes, you read that correctly, drones. The current plan is for servers to take orders as usual but rather than heading to the bar or kitchen to retrieve the meal items, the drone will fly it all out to the server’s station. The server will then bring the order to the table in person. It makes one think that perhaps in the future waitstaff could be fully eliminated by drones or robots. Lee Slaughter wonders: Too futuristic? The price for each drone is astonishingly high so it will definitely be awhile before other restaurants begin to copy Timbré if they are successful. Until then enjoy your server when you eat out because in the future you may be talking to a robot instead.

Ed Sabol Passes

The founder of NFL Films has died. Ed Sabol passed away at age 98. Ed Sabol was able to use his talents in the world of film to make some of the most amazing of any sport in history. He passed his company down to his son Steve many years ago, but all fans of NFL Films, like Sultan Alhokair,  know that Ed was the brainchild when he filmed his first NFL title game. More on Alhokair is available on 

The NFL Films music is still used today, and the NFL Films productions are still the best renderings of the games that we can see. If you have never watched the NFL Films productions before, it is time that you sat down and watched these films. You will get a new perspective on the world of the NFL, and you will be able to better appreciate the game that was first filmed back when there was no Super Bowl. We have to thank Ed Sabol and what his son Steve for the help they have given everyone who loves football. If you are a fan of the NFL, take a moment of silence today for Ed Sabol and pray for his family. This is a major blow to the game we love.

Get A Healthy Mind With The Help Of Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is a current best selling psychiatrist and author. He believes that holistic eating can benefit the overall health of the brain and body. His idea of using a nutrient rich diet as a way to try to alleviate the symptoms of ADD and depression is gaining national attention. If one is having problems with Weight Issues, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, addictions or memory problems, then the Daniel Amen method of trying to alleviate these problems may help. Tens of thousands of patients have been helped by his methods.

Some doctors have stated that treating psychological disorders are really not much better than they were fifty years ago. A doctor named Doctor Thomas Insel, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health, has stated that unfortunately too few people are getting better or well by the current medications being prescribed. For twenty two years the Doctor Daniel Amen Clinics Method has been helping people get better.

The traditional way that people would go to get help from their psychiatrist isn’t working out that well, according to Dr. Amen. The patient will say something like I’m depressed to the doctor and the prescribing physician will simply give them some anti-depression pills. Attention Deficit Disorder is treated usually with some kind of stimulant medication. The diagnosis for these various disorders is to treat the immediate symptom at hand without considering any possible biological problems with the patient.

Psychiatrists are the only doctors that don’t look at the physical reasons why the body organ that they are studying doesn’t work right. Heart doctors look at the physical health of the heart to make a diagnosis. All other organ doctors do the same thing, but not psychiatrists. At the Amen Clinics, the doctors there believe that studying the brain itself is important. Some brains show signs of low activity or others may show a level of high activity. There may be a past brain injury of some sort that may be causing the patients symptoms of anxiety or depression or other disorder. Brain toxicity may be another cause of symptoms. All of these things need to be taken into consideration when coming to any conclusions regarding the state of the patients brain.

With a one size fits all approach, in some respects towards mental health in this country, it of great interest to know that doctors like Daniel Amen are trying to chart another course.

If you want to learn more from Daniel Amen, check out his work on the Huffington Post or follow him on Twitter.

Christopher Cowdray awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at 2013 European Hospitality Awards

Dorchester Collection’s CEO, Christopher Cowdry, is going to be conferred the Lifetime Achievement award during this year’s European Hospitality Awards being held on 1st November in London.

Presently in its 4th year, this high-status award acknowledges an individual for service to hotel society as well as their organization of operation and is bestowed by a board of judges obtained from the hotel sector.

Christopher Cowdry has served as Chief Executive Officer of a hotel management corporation based in London called Dorchester Collection, from November 2007. An inhabitant as well as Columbia Business School Executive Program graduate, Cowdry has more than 30 years of vast worldwide experience in the hospitality management on 4 continents. Former responsibilities comprise of General Manager of The Dorchester, M.D of Claridge’s, London, and also General Manager of Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Oman. Cowrdy is a Fellow of Hotel Catering Institute Management Association, a holder of Masters Degree, honorary Professor from Thames Valley University as well as former chairman of British Hospitality.

Giving remarks about the award, Phil Foster, Editor of Hotel Management International as well as Chair of judging board for European Hospitality Awards, said: “Over the course of more than three decades in the hospitality sector, Christopher Cowdry has become universally acclaimed as an outstanding hotelier and business leader. His achievements of expanding and establishing Dorchester Collection as an exceptional luxury brand were preceded by a terrific front-of-house career, an increasingly rare career trajectory for CEOs of international hotel groups. The success Christopher has enjoyed creating a group founded upon service and uniqueness of experience is testament to an innate appreciation of what makes our industry tick.”

Phin also said that precisely, Christopher Cowdry personify several of the traits they were looking for to celebrate during the European Hospitality Awards-Ambition, originality, imagination as well as individualism. It is an actual delight to applaud Cowdry for duration of accomplishment.

Cowdry also said that he was truly pleased to be acknowledged with that award conferred to him by a board of well-regarded judges. He continued to say that they had pursued continuously and diligently their vision at Dorchester Collection so as to set up the definitive hotel administration corporation and he has been helped by a devoted team to make sure the focus stays on authentic guest engagement as well as their values of enthusiasm, personality, admiration, team work and innovation. A lot more information can be found on HawkPR referring to that.

Other prizes that are going to be rewarded during the European Hospitality event in November comprise of Green Hotel of the Year, Opening of the Year, International Hotel of the Year, Best Hotel Suite, Best Use of Technology, Hotelier of the Year, Hotel Spa of the Year, Innovation in Service of the Year and finally, Best Hotel Restaurant.

Why watch the Six Nations Rugby

2015 promises to be a bumper year for fans of rugby, with the World Cup taking place in September preceded by the Six Nations Tournament taking place from February 6th 2015, The Telegraph reports. England take on Wales in the curtain raiser to this years tournament and the rugby year as a whole, but many people still refuse to get involved in the game played with an oval ball that can only be passed backwards.

The tournament is played between some of the top rugby teams in the World, drawing in players from anywhere in the World who qualify to play for the nation in question. England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales all compete for the Six Nations, which began life as the Home Nations in the 19th century played between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this annual event brings together a number of different styles of rugby played in different regions of Europe and often sees the final games of the tournament decide the winner. Check out Oliveira on Linkedin. To keep the interest alive for teams who may not be performing to their best, there are individual trophies and the Triple Crown to be fought over by England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. During each tournament england and Scotland compete for the Calcutta Cup in bruising contests that show the skills, power and strategies that make rugby an entertaining game for all to watch and enjoy.

A Rocky Mountain Man With a Brain