Netanyahu’s D.C. Visit Moves to Withing a Fortnight of Crucial Israeli Elections

Washington, D.C. – In a move certain to highlight the arbitrary nature of Obama’s foreign policy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pushed back his February 11 address to the House of Representatives to March 3. The leader of the Middle East’s longest running democracy said the change in dates was done to accommodate another request that he address attendees at the conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The new date happens to be exactly one fortnight before crucial elections take place in Israel. Netanyahu, a conservative and hardliner on Iran, is at odds with President Obama’s foreign policy strategy rogue nation.

The change in date is certain to tweak the White House which already announced it will not be inviting Netanyahu for an official state visit because of a long-standing policy that foreign leaders not visit the White House during an election cycle. Despite the long-standing policy, the Obama administration hosted British Prime Minister James Cameron, a liberal, within weeks of his election in England.

Netanyahu, as my coworker Ben Shaoul said, is sure to take a strong stand against Iran. He’s also not alone in his views. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez openly castigated President Obama saying that the administration’s take on Iran bear a strong resemblance to the talking points coming out of Tehran. It is a stern rebuke of Obama’s dovish embrace of Iran. Senator Menendez believes the administration does not understand the threat they pose and wants to take congressional action to ensure America’s national security is safeguarded.

Bruce Levenson Creates Spurs Southeast

When Bruce Levenson started UCG with just one newsletter in an apartment. The business took off, and it was based in Washington, DC. The two gentlemen who started this business were able to increase their wealth a great deal over time. They grew UCG into an amazing business that provided them with great wealth. They were able to use that wealth to buy a stake in the Atlanta Hawks.

They actually were part of a group of investors who purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena. They were just one small piece of puzzle, but Bruce Levenson was able to become the principal owner of the team and serve on the NBA board of governors. When Bruce became the principal owner of the team, he was able to bring in a better general manager and coach for the team.

He used his love of basketball to hire the right people for the jobs. Bruce Levenson brought in people from the San Antonio Spurs, and he knew that that culture would permeate the Hawks and the city of Atlanta. He was able to turn around the team in just one season, and the team is playing the best basketball in the league as of the writing of this article.

Bruce was the person that was able to bring the Hawks into the 21st Century with new players and new management. He was the person that had the vision to make the team into a more powerful team. They do not have superstars on the team, and they are content to work without those stars long into the future. The team basketball is more fun to watch, and all the fans in the city are raving about this team.

There are many ways to thank Bruce Levenson for his work with the team, and his love of basketball has make a dramatic change in the franchise.

What You Need to Know About Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch is the President of Occidental College. He succeeded Robert Skotheim who was serving on an interim capacity in July 2009. His tenure as president of the college has seen a lot of developments in the institution. He previously served as an associate professor in the University of Wisconsin and dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College.

He has made a lot of progress in improving the relations between the college and the neighboring community. For years, communities living near the college had to contend with noise from house parties and homes that students rent a few meters from the college. The college announced a master plan for the development of the college. In the plan, the school laid out strategies to renovate existing buildings and construction new ones when needed. However, residents in the neighboring countries had reservations on some of the developments. For example, there was controversy over a series of staff houses proposed to be built on the lower slope of Fiji Hill. The residents felt that these developments will lead to a denser campus in the middle of a residential area, noise and traffic.

Members of The Eagle Rock Foundation held discussions with the college administrators and told informed them about the community concerns. When he was appointed president, Veitch met with the community and announced that the plan will be put on hold indefinitely. He also announced that the college was abandoning some of the proposed construction projects including new faculty housing and Townsend entrance. Veitch said that the college growth would be more moderate and organic. The construction plans in the college today are limited to two remodeling and retrofit projects: Alumini House and Swan Hall.

Veitch also engaged the public in the discussion of environmental initiatives and urban transportation. The series of public engagements started with a visit from Janette Sadik-Khan in March 2009. The Oxy alumna who is also the commissioner of New York City Department of Transportation added 200 miles of bike lanes and initiated other innovations in Manhattan. This transformed much of the areas streetscape and left many talking about the initiative. On his first anniversary, Veitch invited activists to a public forum. The activists shared their visions for Los Angeles environmental future with EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, local officials and other cabinet administrators.

Jonathan Veitch has also initiated several construction projects in the college. Under his leadership, the college completed the construction of the new Samuelson Alumni Centre. The 98 year old Swans Hall has also been renovated. The hall will house almost a considerable number of the Oxy’s faculty. Interior renovations to the Johnson hall are also underway. This will house the new McKinnon Family Centre for Politics and Global Affairs. The Rose Hills Foundation is also funding the renovation of lower level of Johnson Student Centre. Another development initiated by Veitch is the 1-megawatt solar array which is the largest of its kind in Los Angeles. The project will generate about 11% of the college’s power needs.

Sherman Injury


Richard Sherman is without question one of the best corner backs and maybe one of the best defensive players to ever play the game. Bold claims can be made about Richard Sherman, even though it is just his fourth year in the league, due to the incredible numbers that he has put up in such a short period of time. He came into the league cocky but a fan favorite, especiall Ben Shaoul, and  while already having some drama involving Jim Harbough, his former collegiate coach . According to Crains,  Harbaugh stated that Richard Sherman is a problem and not worth drafting and he dropped down in the draft to the fifth round. He exploded on the scene and in four short years he has posted twenty-four touchdowns and has a handful of interceptions to go on top of it in the playoffs. A good portion of these interceptions ended the game and he is truly amazing when the game is on the line. In the game on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, Sherman injured his shoulder when he ran over one of the Packers offensive players. He will be getting an MRI to assess the injury, but he has stated to the media that he will undoubtedly be playing alongside his teammates in the Super Bowl. Richard Sherman always makes big claims and trash talks other teams leading up to big games, so we will have to wait and see what he brings up about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Knicks with Five Wins at Midpoint

Although the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association had a mediocre roster coming into the 2014-2015 season, no one could have anticipated just how badly the Knicks would be playing as they have closed out the midpoint of their season. There was high speculation from fans like Mark Ahn on Twitter as the season was beginning that the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers may be in fact the worst team to ever play basketball in the NBA; however, they have already posted eight wins for the season. Although their season is poor at best, they have surpassed their expectations on the season.

The New York Knicks, on the other hand, have been so pathetically bad this season that they sit with a mere five losses, while having a staggering thirty-six losses. There has been a ton of media controversy surrounding the team’s massive amount of losses this season, but the Knicks players and rookie head coach Derek Fisher have not been able to produce an answer. Yes, they have had injuries to Carmelo Anthony as well as some other key players for the Knicks, but the horrid play that they have brought to the court on a nightly basis is simply inexcusable.

A lot of people thought that they would make a turnaround somewhat when they made the trade with the Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder several weeks ago, but nothing has changed in New York and doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Financial Expert Sam Tabar Tells It How It Is

Financial expert Sam Tabar recently shared a series of tips designed to help relatively new investors to start off on the right foot in 2015. Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and high-profile attorney in New York City and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in the finance and investment sectors. His tips were reported on by and seek to turn he financial resolutions Americans make at the end of each year into concrete actions that will better their financial lives.

His tips, are geared towards novice investors and written in a language actually understandable to these newcomers to the investment marketplace. Above all, Tabar recommends beginning investing now. He states the fact that many Americans in their retirement years look back and wish they had taken advantage of the opportunity to invest when they were younger.

His tips also included focusing on having a diversified portfolio. He noted that high-performing stocks and exciting new investment opportunities often overshadow solid, time-test investment strategies. A good mix of investments ensured that if the flashy stock should falter, all bases are covered.

Another great tip Tabar shared was to look at startups or new social businesses. He cited the great opportunity the current marketplace presents to not only make money by investing in an emerging business, but also to help others. Tabar himself has recently invested in an innovative, charitable company called THINX. The company is a socially conscious manufacturer of women’s undergarments and for every pair of undergarments THINX sells, they donate seven sanitary cloth pads a charity called AFRIpads. AFRIpads then donates these much-needed sanitary supplies to women in Africa. Tabar stated that there are many win-win investment opportunities like this available.

Tabar’s tips are a welcome influx of knowledge for those looking to invest but may be unsure of the first steps. His professional resume includes over 20 years of experience in the financial and law sectors.

Zombie Tracking Cookies on Mobile Devices

Tracking cookies are little bits of data that hide themselves on your computer and track your web browsing. Often this is to watch your internet movement and give you ads accordingly. But people do not like the cookies and make attempts to delete them so the people won’t be digitally followed anymore.

Problem is: not all cookies stay dead and gone.

A company named Turn has taken advantage of an undeletable number hidden in Verizon products that Verizon used to track user habits. The number is picked up by all websites running a Turn ad when visited. People can delete the cookies, and even opt out of the cookies, but the cookies still respawn and keep using that same undeletable number. Several people including Sergio Andrade Gutierrez may end up having to opt out of cookies.

Verizon said they are looking into the matter, but Turn says that Verizon was fine with how they were using the number. AT&T however, who also used the hidden number, stopped using it in November. Turn says that they are doing a good thing, since they can cater to individual likes and appropriate ads are able to show to the users.

Turn says that users can opt-out. But they will just be opting-out of ads that are using the data gathered from the zombie cookies. Your data may still be gathered.

Social networking on the go with Skout

During the digital age, the process of finding new friends and potential romance partners has become much easier. Popular social networking app: Scout as become a worldwide great way to discover new friends and possibly meet that special someone.

Expanding your social network as never been so much fun or easier due to Skout’s easy to use platform that lets users interact in a safe environment. Users can easily set their search preferences and the app will then filter suitable matches onto the user’s android or iOS device. The app features an easy to use interface with a simple tab click system that allows users to control their experience with the tap of a button.

The direct messaging feature allows users to interact in a real time environment. This great feature is streamlined, clean and easy to use. This instant chat feature makes chatting with new friends a cinch. While, there is some advertising on the free version, for a small fee users can unlock the ad free platform where some great premium features lay. One of the beat main features of the Skout app lays in its usability which is much like Facebook.

Skout has a very vibrant network community of over 10 million users in over 100 different countries. This worldwide network is one of the most active social mobile networks in the world. The app features a truly unique shake to chat feature that allows a user to connect with a random skout user by simply shaking their mobile device. The shake to chat feature can connect the user with anyone from around the world allowing them to possibly make a new friend. This clever way to meet a new person is ingenious in how its presented and can be just a bit addictive, even if not all shake to chat interactions turn into friendship.

Skout’s in-app purchasing system lets users purchase points using real currency and buy virtual gifts, comments plus likes which can be bought with the virtual skout credits to help turn a stranger into a new friend. The app is free to download, however users wanting to take advantage of the great virtual gifts need to earn points or purchase them.

The travel feature is a great way Skout allows users to make a new friend from any place in the world while also letting them experience a new city. The travel tab features a listing of great metropolitan cities worldwide. The cities range from London to Tokyo where users can then travel to that city’s server to virtually travel the city and also make new connections.

In addition, Skout allows users to login to the service with a variety of different login options such as Google+ or they can create their own profile using their email address. Skout also allows users to create their own uniquely original Skout user ID that makes staying in touch with friends and loved ones a breeze.

Making a new friend or finding that special someone while on the go is easy when you use social networks like Skout where the search for better interaction is a mere tab click away.

Moving Towards a Cashless Society

It was barter before cash. People traded items with equal worth to get what they needed and wanted. Looking at it from today’s perspective, we can say how inconvenient and unreliable it must have been. But it was all our ancestors knew. Then came the dawn of the exchange medium. People didn’t have to carry large goods for barter. Coins were easier, far more convenient, and a whole lot safer.

Today, first world countries are moving into a new era. Coins and bills are not the only ways to purchase goods and services. The earliest cashless technology is the credit card. People don’t have to carry around money with them and all they needed to do was swipe the card to purchase what they needed.

Another technology that is showing promise of a cashless society is through the use of smart devices. Phones, and tablets can now be used to buy items. Cards are generally more fragile than mobile devices. Transactions can be easily monitored using mobile devices. Queues and lines can be reduced or even get rid of when you can just transact on your phone or tablet. Today’s technology is way too advanced for me ans well as a good friend Laurene Powell Jobs.

A major advantage of a cashless society is lowered priced of goods and services. Cash transactions cost more than card and online transactions. Nordic counties are the ones leading towards a cashless society with well-established and widely-used mobile apps for transactions.

Animator Discovers a New Use for Old Technology

According to an animator discovered a new use for an old piece of technology. Developed and released in 1989 by Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, the Nintendo Power Glove was one of the first in augmented reality hardware. This glove allowed gamers to play games without the use of a traditional controller. Eventually, the Power Glove flopped in the market-place, due to a lack of quality games designed for it. Since then, this piece of gear, which was ahead of its time, disappeared out of the minds of early gamers.

CNN addresses from Sultan Alhokair that the Power Glove now has a new lease on life thanks to animator Dillon Markey. After years of tedious work going back and forth from the computer systems controlling the camera and the puppet stage, Mr. Markey needed a more efficient workflow. He could spend 10 to 15 minutes on a single frame. The glove helps to cut this time down. With some modifications, Dillon could wirelessly control the camera and edit his footage using the glove.

These modifications include adding a Bluetooth connectivity to the computer, re-mapping the controls to his editing software and included a self-retracting pair of tweezers that is used for manipulating things like eyebrows and mouths of the puppets. With these new functions, he can now control frame advancement and shutter release. This type of repurposing old technology can help keep our landfills free of electronic waste.

A Rocky Mountain Man With a Brain