Why watch the Six Nations Rugby

2015 promises to be a bumper year for fans of rugby, with the World Cup taking place in September preceded by the Six Nations Tournament taking place from February 6th 2015, The Telegraph reports. England take on Wales in the curtain raiser to this years tournament and the rugby year as a whole, but many people still refuse to get involved in the game played with an oval ball that can only be passed backwards.

The tournament is played between some of the top rugby teams in the World, drawing in players from anywhere in the World who qualify to play for the nation in question. England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales all compete for the Six Nations, which began life as the Home Nations in the 19th century played between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this annual event brings together a number of different styles of rugby played in different regions of Europe and often sees the final games of the tournament decide the winner. Check out Oliveira on Linkedin. To keep the interest alive for teams who may not be performing to their best, there are individual trophies and the Triple Crown to be fought over by England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. During each tournament england and Scotland compete for the Calcutta Cup in bruising contests that show the skills, power and strategies that make rugby an entertaining game for all to watch and enjoy.

Brady and Pats Take it


The New England Patriots have officially become a dynasty and Tom Brady has won his fourth Super Bowl trophy in his remarkable career that is nowhere near from over. The end of the game was pretty ridiculous, as Tom Brady was down by ten points late in the game and took his team to two successful drives to put the Patriots back up by four points. Emobile.com showed the Seahawks slammed back and looked like they were going to win the game when they got a first down on the New England goal line with several time outs in their pocket. However, the Seahawks made a terrible call and opted to pass the ball on second down instead of letting Lynch run it up the middle and Wilson ended up throwing an interception that would end the game and ice it for the New England Patriots, making Tom Brady at equal points when being compared to Joe Montana. Joe came on the air earlier this week to point the finger at Brady on the deflate gate case, which is a bit ironic due to the fact that Brady grew up in the Bay Area and was a huge Joe Montana fan growing up. Brady can now say that he has won as much Super Bowl’s as Joe Montana and he has appeared in two more than a player that is considered perhaps the best player of all time.

Heat Fall to Detroit


The Miami Heat have been dropping game after game recently, although the season has been absolutely dismal when you compare it to the last three seasons that they have played, which saw them in the NBA finals all three seasons and gave the franchise two rings creating a huge fan base in Miami with memebrs like Gianfrancesco Genoso behind the team. They undoubtedly got what they wanted when LeBron came to town, although it took them several years to work out the kinks. Now that he is out of the building, the Heat can focus on getting back to who they really are as a team. They are a bit different now, but still possess Wade. Bosh would be the major addition to a team that is pretty similar to before James rolled into south Florida. It hasn’t helped this season for the Heat the fact that they have been absolutely plagued with injuries. It is not that they have experienced massive injuries that are taking their players out for huge amounts of time, but they have small nagging injuries that are keeping them out of the spotlight this year and making it hard for them to win against even mediocre teams. Wade was announced to have a hamstring strain and he is currently out of the roster and probably won’t even play in the All Star game next week. The Heat rolled into Detroit last night to take on the Pistons and proceeded to get beat down by seventeen points

EPA Sets its Sights on Coal-Fired Power Plants

Attorney David Schnare is regarded as an expert on EPA regulations covering coal-fired power plants as part of the Clean Air Act. His prior work experience involved taking legal action against coal-powered businesses. He is now the director for the Center of Energy and Environmental Stewardship. Schnare say that the newly proposed EPA rule called the “Clean Power Plan” is actually designed to regulate coal-powered plants to the point they can no longer profitably operate. Back in 2008, Candidate Obama pledged to regulate the coal industry out of business. Haidar Barbouti (Houstoneater.com) has learned that the threat was credible enough for the GOP to win congressional and senate races in coal mining states by vowing to protect the industry from overreaching regulation.

The latest proposal by the EPA would mandate that coal-fired power plants operate their furnaces at a minimum of 70% of capacity. Currently, the regulation requires they operate at 45% of capacity. The increase would greatly hasten the “mean time to repair” (MTTR) and force the aging equipment to break. This would drive up the operating cost to the companies. In addition, it would subject them to greater penalties for increasing air pollution. In effect, the EPA would use the “Clean Air Act” to make good on the Obama’s pledge to put the coal industry out of business. News of the new regulation comes a fortnight after the EPA announced plans to reduce methane gas on new oil drilling rigs which will drive up their operating costs significantly.

Houston Can’t Win Without Howard

The Houston Rockets have been a pretty good team thus far this season in the National Basketball Association. When they are fully healthy, they truly do play great basketball, as they are led by superstars James Harden and Dwight Howard. When one of them is injured, they just do not play like a team that has any chance to win on any given night. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know Saturday night was no different. More on Oliveira is available on his Linkedin page. As they dropped a game to the struggling Detroit Pistons, who are not even in the playoff race in the Eastern Conference, which is truly pathetic as you can get into the playoffs in the East and still be about a dozen games or more under 500. Dwight Howard went out with an injury last week that is going to keep him out for the next several weeks to a month. Look for the Houston Rockets to completely tank over this time period, because they just do not seem to be able to get it done when Dwight Howard or James Harden is not in the game. It is pretty hard to have a successful team when a team cannot keep their head above water when one of their best players goes out. It is truly laying all the chips on the line and basketball is an unpredictable game. Players are going to get hurt and if one of their duos gets injured, they are toast.

QNet is Marketing a Successful Line of Home Healthcare Products

The vast majority of press that QNet has received has focused on the company’s marketing practices and the creative antics of its unique founder. Few journalistic reports have focused instead on the types of things that the company actually sells. QNet markets a line of useful home healthcare goods, and more customers are looking at the company as a place to acquire these types of goods at a lower cost than they might see at a retail store.

QI Group sells a variety of weight management, nutrition and personal care products in addition to its line of luxury goods and collectibles. Most notably the company markets a water purification system that sells at a fraction of the cost that retail stores market such machines at. More people might start to pay close attention to QI Group as a result of the increased amount of focus on the importance of clean water.

According to the company, their machine is capable of reducing all forms of biological contaminants found in commercial water supplies. Their water filtration system apparently eliminated traces of harmful virii, biological cysts, spores, bacteria and parasites in test samples. The machine could also help to reduce the amount of mercury, copper, lead and other toxic metals found in drinking water. These toxic metals are known to cause a number of different health problems.

The QNet markets products that can also reduce the presence of petrochemicals in drinking water. These organic contaminants include herbicides and pesticides as well as a variety of detergents found in even otherwise clean supplies of water. While these contaminants aren’t spoken of as often as infectious ones, many consumers have stated that they feel more at ease after having used the water purification system.

Filtration devices marketed by Qnet are independently certified by the NSF organization in order to ensure that they are safe to use. Technology developed by QNet’s engineers for use in their water purifiers is now being used in a line of air purifiers, which is also marketed by the company. These air purifiers are now rated to remove a variety of biological contaminants, much like the water purifiers are.

With people paying more attention to their health these days, it’s likely that QNet will start to see more clients interested in their home care products line. This line might be expanded in the near future, so those who might want to look into any of these goods should check with a representative on a regular basis.

Why Tom Brady is In An Elite Class of Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Why Tom Brady is In An Elite Class of Super Bowl Quaterbacks

After having victory snatch from the jaws of defeat with the goal line interception by New England Patriot Malcolm Butler, the monday morning quarterback discussion can now turn to wether Tom Brady is one the the elite class of quarterbacks in the modern Super Bowl era. With New England win, Brady Brady MVPfinishes with his fourth Super Bowl ring and his third Super Bowl MVP award. His company is exclusive. Only Joe Montana of the San Francisco Forty Niners and Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers have four Super Bowl titles as winning quarterbacks. Fans like Paul Mathieson have found that this elite group is followed closely by Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys who won three in four years. After this group the drop off is severe. The great Dan Marino has zero titles and the comeback king himself, John Elway only has two.

Some may debate that Bradshaw and Montana were both undefeated in the venture for their respective four titles One can not argue that the effort to get to the Super Bowl in the salary cap era is has been much harder than either of Brady’s predecessors had to deal with. Additionally Brady is the only one from this group to have played in six Super Bowls. That feat alone means that Brady has played an extra season over his career than 90 percent of the rest of the NFL. My case rests.

Draymond Will Get Massive Check


Draymond Green worked tirelessly in the off-season to develop his game and it has literally paid off in a big way. Draymond is pretty brilliant in what he did over the last year. He knew that he was in a contract year after this season and that he would have to play the season of his life in order to get a fat paycheck at the end of this season. That’s why he worked with special trainers so hard to develop his shot and defense over the summer. It is paying off for Green, as he might be the most improved player in the entire National Basketball Association. David Lee was injured and Draymond came in to cover his position, which truly was a lucky break for Draymond because it let him play for most of the game, every game. He has played so well that he remains the starter after David Lee has healed up. He now owns that position now and David Lee is expendable. Draymond has already filled out his resume, and he is going to get paid in a huge way. The Warriors absolutely want to keep him, but the fact that a host of other teams are going to try to buy him it gives him a ton of leverage with the Warriors. Golden State is going to be put in the position to match a team’s offer and they absolutely will pay up think fans like Flavio Maluf.

MVP Curry

Stephen Curry has absolutely exploded out of the gates this season and he is well on his way to winning his very first Most Valuable Player award. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that he has had a ton of respect from players around the league over the last few years because they respect the way he plays the game and the fact that he can will his own shot whenever he wants and does not need hardly any room. Furthermore, he very well may have the best shot the game has ever seen, and it is only complimented by the fact that he has the luxury of playing in the back court with Klay Thompson, who just put up an astonishing 37 points in a single quarter and smashed the previous NBA record of 33. Curry flat out has demanded his spot on the throne of the best guard in basketball. Chris Paul is not even in the question anymore, as Curry has solidified that he is not only the best overall basketball player in the game, but he is one of the smartest, most efficient and confident players that have ever played the game. He will be rolling into the All Star game next week to play as a starter, but this is the first step to a long laundry list of things that Stephen Curry has set out to accomplish in his still young National Basketball Association career.

BRL Trust: All About Us

BRL Trust is a precise, professional Brazilian-based investment company that takes pride in providing clients with the exceptional services they need and deserve. For years now, we’ve maintained a cutting edge approach to the work we do, and this methodology has empowered us to offer clients the state of the art, savvy assistance they need in order to generate the return on investment (ROI) they need and deserve. To get a glimpse of who we are as well as the investment work that we can do on your behalf, review the brief outline that appears below:


BRL Trust: Our Methodology


Here at BRL Trust, we believe that the best way to serve our clients is to develop working relationships with them. Over the years, we’ve found that this collaborative, customer-oriented approach to the world of investing has been the most effective. For this reason, we’re happy to develop and maintain strong communication with our clients to remain cognizant of their evolving needs, values, and objectives. In so doing, we’re able to attain and retain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our Absolutely Amazing Services


Here at BRL Trust, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of wonderful investment services to our clients. Some of them include:


Controlling And Custody To Investments Funds


At BRL Trust, we utilize several controlling and custody strategies to optimize the investment process. Some of the custody services we offer include:


– Reconciliation of assets with clearinghouses and depositories

– Custody/Settlement of Asset

– Cash settlements

– Control of corporate events ( such as dividends)

– Control of securities lending operation

– Centralization of procedures settlement


Some of the controlling services we provide include:


– Asset pricing

– Share’s calculation/profitability

– Accounting of events of investment funds

– Reporting to regulatory agencies

– Taxes payments and control

– Standardization of reports/information

– Control of investments, redemptions, and shareholders


Fiduciary Services


In this contemporary era, capital markets have become very sophisticated. Meanwhile, the global credit markets are subject to continual developments and modifications. In light of these changes, investors are taking a much closer look at the monitoring and control operations of the investment industry. In recognizing this evolution, BRL Trust Trustee Services are pleased to provide excellent, expedient investment services which ensure that investor demands for security are met.


Asset Management


The professionals of BRL Trust take an active role in the investment fund management process, working with individuals as well as institutional investors in the local and global markets.

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