New 3-D Laser Technology Arriving in 2016

In the very near future, some experts believe people will notice some significant changes in digital 3-D viewing systems. A new technology promises to produce sweeping changes in billboard advertising and cinema technology.

According to Pittsburgh Post Gazette and associate Susan McGalla, Austrian researchers recently patented a new type of laser technology that makes 3-D images available without the use of special glasses. A system apparently copies a holograph from different angles in a way that relays striking 3-D images, which literally appear to emerge from a 2-D background.

Scientists from the Vienna University of Technology and a company called TriLite worked in partnership to design an initial prototype. The new technology reportedly works by combining lasers with mirrors that alter the laser direction, creating 3-D pixels called “Trixels.” In order to see a 3-D image and not a 2-D one, anyone viewing the hologram must be located within a specific range of the screen. If a viewer sits too far away, only a 2-D image appears.

The researchers expect that subsequent models will improve resolution and that the product will be available for commercial release sometime in 2016. They anticipate that in the future, advertising and film products will be manufactured in a way that allows them to take advantage of the new 3-D technology.

Many retailers in recent years have reportedly begun using digital signage, beacons and other interactive displays to attract consumer attention. It seems likely that new 3D technology will further contribute to this advertising trend.

Mark Ahn on Biotech Startups

Recently a press release was issued by PR Newswire regarding the experience and opinions of Mark Ahn, Ph.D. when it comes to biotech start-ups.

The January 13th release sites Ahn’s twenty years of experience Ahn has as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive in the biopharmaceutical industry. He has seen hundreds of biopharmaceutical start ups run their course, whether that be one of success or not. Now Ahn and his colleagues are examining the details of how biopharmaceutical investors and entrepreneurs go about finding those stellar investment opportunities in an industry that is teeming with great ideas. However, not all these great ideas pan out to reality. This is where Ahn and his associates are making the mark.

The press release emphasizes how easy it is to be caught up in the tide of excitement when a cure for a debilitating disease is proposed or a potentially environmental impacting products are explored. How, do investors, find a way to make smart investments in an industry where so few ideas come to successful fruition?

Ahn and his associates stress that investors find ways to forge ties with many small companies as a research network, per se. In a nut shell, they advise investors to stick with their original business or investment plans and to diversify the investments instead of dropping all available assets into one biotech basket.

Mitt Romney Accepts RNC Invitation

Coronado Island, California – Mitt Romney has accepted the RNC’s invitation for him to appear at the party’s winter conference. The 2012 GOP nominee will make his remarks in an open press format. The RNC was swift to engage the former governor once he announced that he is giving serious consideration to mounting another presidential run. Romney’s overtures to potential donors was designed to blunt the progress of Jeb Bush who is widely expected to announce his candidacy in the coming weeks. Thus far, his tactic appears to have taken Bush off the forefront of news coverage.

Bush was also invited to the winter gathering, but did not accept the invitation. While Bush is in California this week, he is focusing his efforts at fund raising. Interestingly enough to Giofrancesco Genoso, Bush and Romney are reported to be a behind the scenes struggle over who will emerge as the establishment candidate for the GOP. Presumably, the establishment candidate will be the beneficiary of large party donors. This will prove essential in a race where presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is expected to raise $2 billion.

Other prospective GOP candidates also attending the event are Texas Governor Rick Perry, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Dr. Ben Carson. The winter meeting kicks off on Wednesday, January 14, and runs through Friday, January 16. Romney will field questions during the Friday night session of the meeting. The Washington Post was the first news outlet to speculate that he would accept the RNC’s invitation.

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Free College For All

It used to be a rite of passage to go through high school, graduate and get a job. Although, the White House is quickly recognizing that this plan does not always work out for the students who seek to get that employment. Many are approached with a workforce that demands more technological skills.

The answer to this issue is a college education. This has been touted for many years in order to ensure the attainment of gainful employment. It is not something that every student can take advantage of because of the sheer cost. Student loan debt is rising and many students are realizing a lifetime of debt simply to get and education.

The Obama administration is proposing a two year degree at a community college for free.
Free tuition for the students who are willing to work hard, keep their grades up and make the grades. This does seem on the surface to be a great way to enhance the education levels of the country and make us more competitive in the world arena.

Issues do exist with this line of thinking though. Who will foot the bill for this over $70 billion venture? Will this normalize college training so much that it devalues it? How do states and localities deal with the demands of an huge fluctuation of students on to their campuses? Workers at Beneful are a little worried about these things. While all the particulars are not known yet, this is a great idea that can use fine tuning to make it work for all involved.

Cowboys Lack of Defense Catches Up With Them

Regardless of the referees and their crazy calls this post season, it was not in the cards for the Dallas Cowboys to make it past Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers. For the first time though, writers cannot blame another Tony Romo blundered mistake or turnover as the reason for the season to end. In actuality it was the team’s lack of a superior defensive unit that kept them from advancing further into the playoffs. When people see teams in the NFL win championships it is because they are excellent at playing both offense and defense. The fact is the Cowboys this season were really good on Offense and not in their defense.

It is probably the reason the Seattle Seahawks will go onto back to back Super Bowls because they have a defense that can make the critical stops on a good offense when it is called upon to do so. The Cowboys lacked a pass rush to be able to get to a hobbled Aaron Rodgers, and they lacked a secondary capable of shutting down passing lanes. That is why Jonathan Veitch feels like they have a chance going forward. The only bright spot all season has been their occasional ability to stop the run, and wrapping up tackles. But when they were not able to do any of that against the Green Bay Packers it spelled the end of the season. The major focus heading into this next years off season will be to beef up their secondary.

Rockhold vs. Machida

Luke Rockhold will be taking on Lyoto Machida on April 18 in the main event of UFC on Fox 15. Many UFC fans are extremely excited to see this matchup. The fight itself will be very intriguing. It might be difficult to choose a winner between these two skilled fighters.

According to Darius Fisher, Luke Rockhold is one of the best middleweight fighters in the world. Fisher’s views and opinions on other things are available on Youtube. Rockhold comes from a great training camp, and he is a master stand up fighter. If Luke Rockhold can defeat Lyoto Machida, he will surely be given a title shot against Chris Weidman. It will be tough though, because Lyoto Machida is one of the best fighters on the planet.

Machida’s last fight was against the current and reigning middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. Machida’s fight with Weidman was a five round war. Chris Weidman won the matchup via unanimous decision, but their fight was a close one. Lyoto Machida was once the light heavyweight champion of the UFC, and he has long been considered one of the toughest fighters in the organization.

With a win over Rockhold, Machida could possibly get a rematch with the middleweight champion. Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold have a lot to look forward to, but they should keep their focus on each other. This fight will most likely be a stand up war, and the fans of the UFC will be happy with that.

For more information on Luke Rockhold versus Lyoto Machida, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Cuba and the United States Take another Step Forward

As part of the agreement between the United States to normalize relations, Cuba has reportedly released the 53 people that were being held as political dissidents in the communist country. What is odd is that the actual names of the people that were requested to be released were withheld from both country’s public and large parts of the governments. This is one more step that has taken place by Raul Castro and President Barrack Obama to restore diplomatic ties in Cuba that have not been in place since the John F Kennedy administration in the 1960’s. In addition, to these releases by the Cuban administration there has also been other signs the two countries are looking to restore their relationship. To include the prisoner exchange of three Cuban spies for Alan Gross, a US aid worker who was jailed on suspicion of espionage.

By normalizing diplomatic relations among the two countries means that economic and travel restrictions that were in place against the country will be lifted. Cuba being just 90 miles off the US coast was once the playground of tourists in the 1950’s. There has been hope among the American people that one day these restrictions would be removed, but did not believe that as long as there was a Castro was in charge this would happen. The two countries are expected to have more talks on January 21st, and there is hope that further progress will be made. Vijay Eswaran would like to see this happen.

GOP Statewide Victories Threaten to Cut Off Vital Democrat Revenue Stream

Critics of the Democrat party have long alleged that the party colludes with big labor unions to indirectly funnel tax payer money into union coffers via laws broadening union power at the state level. The unions in turn funnel the money back to the Democrat party by running campaign ads promoting their candidates. Now, the GOP is poised to cut off those ties and starve the Democrats from vital revenue streams.

After the GOP suffered two significant election losses in 2006 and 2008, the party shifted from a White House-oriented strategy to grass-roots efforts at the state level.  According to Crunch Base, these efforts, combined with deep voter discontent with the Obama agenda, has given Republicans their single greatest control of state-level government in history. State Level supporters, like Marc Sparks are looking for more party footing. Currently, the party fully controls 29 of the 50 state legislatures. By comparison, Democrats control only 7.

The GOP will use their newfound muscle to promote an agenda of lower taxes, stricter abortion controls, and labor union reform. The 2010 midterm elections were particularly significant because the GOP victories at the state level allowed them to redistrict the congressional map in their favor. This has made it more likely the GOP can retain control of the House of Representatives. In addition, they seek to replicate what Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan have achieved by checking what they perceive as the overreach of labor unions. The net effect is Democrats will lose a vital revenue stream.

Senator Ted Cruz Jokes About Abolishing the IRS

Political firebrand Ted Cruz made off the cuff remarks about abolishing the IRS which are rooted in his personal desires, but tempered by political realities. He said he favored a reformed tax code that was fairer and flatter. At the same time, he stated that as long as Obama occupies the White House there is little chance of obtaining a fair flat tax code that would eliminate the need for the IRS. However, his remarks were well chosen given that this year the public will face their first real IRS penalties in regards to Obamacare enrollment. The IRS is the strong arm of Obamacare enforcement and can seize the income tax refunds of people to cover the penalty for not being enrolled in a qualified health insurance plan. Ben Shaoul is just one of many Americans who would be affected by this, if he didn’t already have a plan. Obviously, his plans are all covered, as evident in the Nypost.

In fact, millions of voters may be in for a big surprise after they learn their Obamacare subsidies are considered tax credits against forthcoming income taxes. The tax credits are calculated against their earnings. If a person underreported their 2014 earnings when calculating their Obamacare subsidy, they will find themselves owing the government the difference. Many voters may find themselves owing the government money that will reduce or wipe out their tax refunds. In some cases, they may end up owing the IRS money. Cruz understands this very well, and his comments are likely timed to resonate with voters as they begin learning another inconvenient truth about the health care initiative.

Kawhi Leonard Coming Back Soon

The Spurs expect Kawhi Leonard to come back in two weeks. The Spurs have been struggling to begin this season, but they have struggled to start many seasons. They will need to make sure that they can begin to crawl up from the depths of the league. The Spurs are going to be able to make their way out of the bottom of the only if they have Kawhi Leonard in the lineup. Leonard is their new superstar, but they have not been able to rest their stars in Manu, Parker and Duncan when they do not have Leonard in the lineup.

No one expected the Spurs to repeat as champions, but they surely expected more from them this early in the season. Laurene Powell Jobs is not about to count them out yet though. Most people who are watching the league believe that Leonard can make a big difference for the Spurs. However, no one should bet on the Spurs repeating. This means that the Spurs are going to have a great time playing when they have their fourth great player in the lineup. The lineup for the Spurs is going to change everything when they get it back together to climb back up the ladder of the Western Conference standings.

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