Jared Haftel’s Helpful Tips

Jared Haftel is a graduate from Duke University. He graduated in the year of 2009 with a bachelors degree in science and mathematics, as well as economics. He has now been pursuing in the investment banking field. Jared worked as an analyst, in the Global Industrials Group at BofA Merrill Lynch. He also worked as an investment banking analyst for the Bank of America. As of now, Jared is currently employed at Vector Capital as an associate; he has worked here since 2011.

But getting a job like this can be extremely difficult, if Facebook is anything to go by.  That’s why Jared is always paying things forward, by helping new prospective junior bankers with the tips that they need to have their resumes recognized, especially on Twitter.  The difference between learning to apply for a job in college, to what you’ll actually encounter in real life is immense:

1. Understand that your resume will be processed quickly.

2. Try not to exaggerate.

3. If possible, have your resume reviewed by an insider.

4. Devote at least 50% of your resume to relevant work experience.

He then states how important it is that during a job interview, a firm hand shake and great eye contact can go a long way. Set yourself apart from everyone else and be positive. You are more likely to get hired if you stay calm and appear confident. One must also be persistent, but not too persistent. It is important to call back however, don’t be pesky.

Be prepared to answer those hard questions. There are also a wealth of helpful videos that can guide you through the process.

The ones that include why you left your previous job etc. Many employers judge what an employee will be like, by how they handle the relationship with a previous employer. Overall, Jared Haftel is a great person to gain some ideas for landing that new job!

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