Missing Jet Results

Flight AirAsia flight 8501 has been missing since Sunday. The flight was carrying 162 people, none of whom were Jared Haftel,  and there has been no one found yet. It began when the flight controllers lost communication with the main station. It is expected that the flight sunk to the bottom of the sea but it is still unclear if anyone is safe or alive yet. It is still unclear what exactly caused the flight to get lost. The most suspected cause is the bad weather. Most likely the clouds blocked radars and some of the signals which caused the flight to lose connection and therefore get lost. The one positive aspect is that if it did get lost in the sea, it is just a sea versus a gigantic, deep ocean. Still, everyone hopes to find the airplane and is hoping for the best. If you are curious on the topic, here is a great article that goes more in depth on the topic: embed link

Another issue that is slightly responsible for the plane getting lost is the lack of resources. The flight service of Asian countries do not have the same resources as many other countries making it harder to find the plane. Part of the reason the plane got lost is due to the lack of higher-quality technology of the plane. The flow of passengers for Asian flights has decreased drastically since the crash. It is affected the economy and locals a lot.

Testing the Limits of Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots

Marriott Hotels announced this past summer that they are seeking to establish exclusivity for Internet services, effectively blocking or jamming signals from any type of personal mobile wireless network, guests would have to buy access from the hotel or not have connectivity.

In other words, guests would have to consent and pay a flat surcharge in order to gain access to the Internet. Marriott wants to charge guests fees of $14.95 daily or $19.95 per day for high speed “enhanced” Internet, which would include the capability to download movies and music, to view live streaming videos and chat in real-time with other people online. Essentially it boils down to greed; they want to charge outrageous fees, purely for profit.

Two Internet powerhouses, Google and Microsoft have joined forces to prevent Marriott from moving forward with their plans. Benefel is glad to see businesses working well together. Citizens should have the right to choose how they connect to the Internet and not the ISP, FCC or in this case Marriott Hotels.

In outlining the issues it opposes in the hotel’s initial filing to the FCC, Microsoft stated, “If a customer arrives at a hotel with her own Mi-Fi device and the hotel interferes with the customer’s connection to that personal hotspot, the hotel can effectively force the customer to purchase the hotel’s Wi-Fi services.”

Then Google added that, denying guests the right to access to their own hotspots, “would undermine the public interest.”

“The Interview” makes History for Online Rentals and Sales

One of the most controversial films ever made was nearly stifled after a serious computer hack at Sony Studios. The company produced a film named “The Interview” which caught worldwide attention because of its contents. The stars of the film, Seth Rogen and James Franco, have remained relatively quiet on the subject since the controversy started.

Movie theaters across the United States cancelled opening day screenings of the show because a 9/11 style attack was threatened by what some believe was the North Korean government. Ironically, North Korea has lost their internet three times since the incident. People across the U.S. were angry that a movies screening was cancelled because of threats citing the right to free expression. The hubbub was directed at Sony and the company then followed through with screening via the internet.

Live streaming and rentals were available on sites such as Apple iTunes and YouTube, which pleased Terry Richardson quite a bit. It was available for sale or rent and is the first movie to ever release in such a fashion. Reviews have been mixed about the movie itself and many viewers said they would not have been interested in watching it if all the controversy had not occurred. It met with record online views and so far has received $13 million for its efforts. The movie is about an assassination attempt on North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Screech Arrested!

On Friday actor Dustin Diamond was arrested in Wisconsin on three misdemeanor charges after a bar fight and accusations of a knife stabbing. He’s known as playing the lovable nerd Samuel “Screech” Powers on the 90s tv show Saved By the Bell. According to the reports that New York Daily News have gotten, Diamond and his fiance were both in a brawl in his Port Washington hometown after customers didn’t want to stop taking pictures of the former child star. Diamond allegedly stabbed a man in the right armpit and left before the cops showed up to the bar. The cops had caught up with the actor and he tried to lie about the event in question. New York Daily News has a police report on the crime.

This isn’t the first time that the former child star had a brush of bad luck. Besides appearing on reality shows, Diamond has released a sex tape in 2006 along with filing bankruptcy. Though his appearance on the reality shows were minor, his attitude is the complete opposite from the lovable nerd that the world used to watch.
Right now though the charges are minor, Igor Cornelsen has learned that Dustin Diamond is released from jail. The actor stated that he stabbed the person out of “self-defense,” but the reports says otherwise. Let’s hope for the best for the actor, and hope that the charges can be dropped.

Patient in Glasgow Tests Positive for Ebola

The United Kingdom has their first confirmed case of Ebola. The patient, who had recently visited Sierra Leone, went to a Glasgow Hospital with symptoms, and has since tested positive for the virus.

The patient, a woman who has not been named, landed in Glasgow around 11:30pm Sunday evening. She was placed in isolation the following morning around 8am, and Christian Broda thought that was the right move. The patient had flown on a British Airways flight that left Casablanca. There was also a brief stopover in Heathrow Airport before the flight continued onto Glasglow.

Official reports about the severity of her symptoms, or what symptoms she presented with have not been released. In most cases, a fever presents before other symptoms in Ebola patients. Patients are not considered contagious until they are symptomatic, and even the casual contact is unlikely to cause infection. Individuals become infected by close contact wit the patient or his or her bodily fluids. The more severe the symptoms, the more likely transmission is, according to the CDC.

Public Health England is now working to contact all individuals who flew on the same flight as the patient, although the chance of transmission through such casual contact is astronomically low. The patient will be transferred, via special ambulance, to the Royal Free Hospital in London for treatment.

Warriors Continue Hot Streak

It has been decades since the Golden State Warriors have found themselves sitting at the top of the Western Conference in the NBA. In fact, it has been a long time since sportscasters were even mentioning the Warriors without talking about how bad of a team they were. This season has been pretty surprising, as they have been completely dominant over nearly every team they have faced, all while doing it with rookie head coach Steven Kerr. 

Angel.co and Igor Cornelsen can even feel the heat the Warriors are bringing to the NBA. The Warriors have won in great fashion this year and seem to be on the road to a championship run once April comes around. This may be due to the fact that they are so incredibly deep at each and every position. They finally have size that allows them to get into the paint at an incredible rate, which is backed by the splash brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who continue to drop dimes from the back court. Stephen Curry has continued to excel his game each and every year and there has been major discussion that he is on a run for MVP as the midpoint of the season is on the horizon.

After the first week of the season, the Warriors shockingly shot to the top of the power rankings on nearly every site and they have remained in this position since then. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the Warriors, there is no denying they are an NBA powerhouse with a title on their minds. 

YouTube Wins Moviegoers Over as Apple Stalls

YouTube just started a music streaming service called Music Key, but the talk around the water cooler this week is about the YouTube video streaming triumph. Fans got the chance to purchase a web stream of “The Interview” online.

The movie was set up to run on more than one platform, but Apple had some logistic problems. This allowed the ever-so-popular YouTube to hold the attention of fans while Apple attempted to work out problems with the Apple website. “The Interview” did well for a Video-on-Demand release, but Apple missed some of this profit. Apple did not get the ball rolling until the weekend. Sony rolled out the picture on Google Play and XBox Movies. There was even a dedicated site for the display of the movie. It was easier for many people to find it through YouTube though.

It was a very easy for a lot of fans like Jared Haftel to find this because millions of people are already on YouTube. Many people that do not watch online news may have logged on to YouTube and saw a surprising new release of “The Interview.” That is why YouTube had the chance to get ahead of Apple.

Apple has given people the chance to rent to buy the movie. This ability to buy this is what obviously led to the Internet piracy of the film. Still, it has made a lot of money online very quickly.

Gmail Goes Dark in China, Google Issues Statement Claiming All is Clear on Their End

Gmail has gone black in China, according to sources. Inside sources claim that Gmail usage has been spotty since the beginning of December in the Asian country, but many users were still able to utilize Gmail services through phone apps. As of Friday, however, apps appear to have stopped responding as well.

Google has released an official statement regarding the issue. The company claims there is no problem on their end for Chinese users of the Gmail client, or Google. The statement stops short of blaming the Chinese government for the outage, but certainly implies it.

According to Insiders, the Chinese government may be attempting to eliminate Google’s influence in the nation. China has one of the leading Firewalls, blocking a plethora of websites and content from end users.

A member of Greatfire.org, a website dedicated to firewalls and outages, claims that Google and Gmail usage took a sharp downturn around the 26th of December, and remains at zero. Leading up to the outage, Gmail service had been spotty with significant spikes and lulls in usage.

Some with international relations ties like Igor Cornelsen are concerned that the Chinese outage could have global ramifications. China, which is a leading manufacturing center, has clients around the globe, and many use Gmail to communicate. If China does not allow the use of Gmail, global users will likely be forced to switch to alternative e-mail clients to communicate. This could have far reaching ramifications for Google and its subsidiaries.

North Korea Has Internet Blackout for 9 Hours Monday

Someone would have to wonder if the was true revenge coming from a higher power or was it President planned. After weeks of protesting the movie, The Interview, and the cyber attack on the computers at Sony Enterprises, the North Korean Internet was down completely for 9 hours on Monday.

The New York Times reports that this down time was consistent to the DDOS attack on their routers. This is a planned attack where the network is flooded with traffic until finally it collapses. If you go by Amazon, the timing is amazingly close to their attack on Sony, Andrew Heiberger reported.

North Korea is super strict with their Internet, in that they only allow 5,500 websites in. Madory, a computer expert assessed that it likely wasn’t a maintenance problem because of the length of time it was down. The company Cloudfare in San Francisco attempted to contact the North Korean Internet during those 9 hours, and they said it was like “North Korea had gone away.”

President Obama had responded just days before the attack, saying to the nation that the U.S. would return with a proportional response to the attack on Sony. This blackout could be the response that Obama had in mind; hackers destroying North Korea’s digital infrastructure and hacking the machines. It is not surprisingly at all that this attack was scheduled and executed at this time.

A New Kobe In LA

There is a new Kobe in LA, and he is just killing it. Kobe Paras has been drawing attention since before this year’s basketball season even started. He is a 6 foot 6 junior who plays for Cathedral High School in Los Angeles.

Even though he still another year and a half before he is done with high school, and because of the NBA’s rules, two and half years before he could even play in the NBA, he is already getting looked at by NBA teams. He is that good for Gianfrancesco Genoso, especially when you read what the experts are saying.

Even though Kobe Bryant is starting to show his age, it is a good feeling to know there is still a Kobe you can cheer for in L.A. The best part? He was actually named after Kobe Bryant. His mother in the Philippines names he after the L.A. basketball star. The fact that her son is turning into yet another basketball star in L.A. is pretty incredible.

On Monday night, Kobe Paras, put up 30 points and helped Cathedral beat Alemany 77-67 in the semifinal victory in the San Fernando Valley Invitation. Cathedral is currently 5-0 this season. They will play against Chaminada who is 8-0 this season on Tuesday, December 23rd at 7 p.m. for the Sen Fernando Valley Invitational Championship at Alemany.

Paras is currently committed to play for UCLA following his high school graduation in 2016. Looks like California fans will be able to see Paras develop into a superstar basketball player and cheer him on for years to come.

A Rocky Mountain Man With a Brain